Lesseps square

an interactive game, based on the computerized visualisation of movements and sounds in the square objectives
We want to visualize the footprint everyone leaves, illuminate what this facade has to tell about its history and create interaction between the place and its users.
Rediscovering elements of the square, of the Grácia-Quarter and the richness of contrasts – an interactive bond between the quarter and its residents will be [re]created.

At night a video-equipment will capture the movement of passer-byes. Digitally processed images, transformed and composed with additional visual information, will be projected to the old wall and pavement.
A bougainvillea, having escaped from the ancient garden with palm trees, will cover the wall that delimits the garden from the square.

imagen 2

Any movement in a defi ned area of the sidewalk is video-captured by a video camera. The captured video-signals will be transported to the computer. A software, designed and programmed by the artist, will process the video-signals together with any additional information.
The audiovisual output is sent to a projector (LCD-Beamer) that broadcasts the remastered video-stream to facades and pavement.

planta y sección transversal

alternation of codes – multiple projection of Visual Games
To create interactive games and the participation of the public the following visual concepts will be used:
– overlay compositions of images / videos
– games of abstract geometrics
– playing with systems of visual particles
– visualization of fl uid systems. e.a.

In order to achieve a variety of artwork and promote general attention we propose to invite media artists and incorporate of institutions such as Hangar mediaLab-prado

examples of codes C++
‘opera natura’: This code plays with the contrast between the work of nature and that of habitants in the ‘Barrio de Grácia’. Through their movements passer-byes discover fragmental images of the library hidden behind a photo of the nightfall at the Tibidabo.

proyecciones 2
This proposal plays with two images of the square from the same angle – but with 50 years of difference
proyecciones 3
This game is based on a system of particles: Virtual rings projected to the fl oor react to
the movement of passer-byes and can be ‘pushed’ and ‘moved’ like balls or bubbles.
proyecciones 3


One comment

  1. Phillippa

    Thanks for the update of your work. Great location. Loved the fractured glass at the beginning of video and the fragmentation of the images with the spectator interaction. Glad to see your interactive art work evolve. Love Phillippa

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